Dr. & Mrs. George Cook

Two years before the successful sale of my practice by Western Practice Sales I listed with a broker whose headquarters are in Sonoma county. From his “testimonials” I believed that I had selected the best. After 5 months of listing and no sale I was told that just before my lease expires (there were 2 ½ years remaining) he could sell the patient charts, as my practice was too small. Further, the fees were higher than other brokers. Had there been a practice sale I would have gladly paid the fees. But as previously noted, I was told my practice was too small to sell. I continued work for a year and a half and contacted a national broker, who coincidentally had a representative here in my hometown. After several emails with him I was again told that my practice was too small to sell and he would help me sell the charts. I was beginning to feel that my fate was to either just sell the patient charts, or else walk away when my lease expired. Enter Western Practice Sales, and Ed Cahill, with his wonderful secretary Chris. We spoke on a Friday in March. The practice was listed in June and escrow closed in September. Through this process Ed and Chris kept me informed of every step. When Ed would telephone he always asked, “Is this a good time or bad?” knowing that I may be with a patient or another awkward situation. As anyone who has run a business knows you need good help. His secretary Chris is knowledgeable of every step of the process and friendly on the phone. I cannot imagine why anyone would list with another broker. If my practice received the attention and effort of a practice that is too small to sell, they can sell anybody’s. Thank you Western Practice Sales, Ed Cahill, and Christine Burton.