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All information and discussions are held in strict confidence. The privacy of our clients is always a priority of the Western Practice Sales Team. WPS does not share, sell or otherwise compromise the privacy of information provided through this website. If you are interested in one of the practices we have listed for sale and would like more information that what is already provided on this site, you are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with our company which may download from Here. Disclosure of any information is considered confidential which includes but is not limited to practice locations, financial information, Sellers names, patient information released to anyone including but not limited to Seller’s constituents, patients of the practice, employees of the practice, or any persons not pertaining directly to the sale of the practice may result in damages for which he/she may be held liable as stated and agreed upon in the “Confidentiality Agreement”. Information provided on this website is used only to facilitate Client services. Western Practice Sales makes no claims to the validity and authenticity of the facts and figures provided on this website. All users of this site agree and acknowledge that they have been advised that Western Practice Sales has not audited this information and as such cannot express an opinion on said information. By using this website you agree to hold Western Practice Sales, the Brokers and employee’s of Western Practice Sales Harmless from any and all liabilities and defend against losses, expenses, damages, acts or failures to act, attorney’s fees and court costs that may arise as a result of user not completing his/her own verification and audit of the data provided.


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