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Featured Testimonials

“Amazing professional team at Western Practice Sales. Smooth and efficient, but most important “people with heart”. Hard not to believe in destiny. But in an instant we have the most and perfect family to continue our legacy to great outcomes. Must be Destiny. Smooth transaction completed on time.”

Dr. Patel

“It has been a wild experience and I never imagined acquiring a practice under these circumstances. Although we were on opposite teams, it is truly respectable what Tim did to protect and represent his client. Kellee, your efficiency and professionalism is outstanding and my team was very impressed.”

Dr. C

Tim’s concept of a merger catalyzed the successful closing of my practice and allowing me to retire by passing on my patients, most of my supplies and some of my equipment to a colleague in town.  Western Practice Sales was instrumental in writing the contract, establishing an escrow, and  procuring a loan for the buyer.  They helped persevere through a difficult practice sale process. I would highly recommend them. Thank you again and Thanks for the Flowers!


“It has been a wonderful experience working with Kellee and Dr. Tim Giroux.  Dr. Tim treats you as he is mentor in guiding every way he can and will give call personally to explain everything.  Kellee answers the email promptly and will help in most of things.  The clarity of detail they go throughout is exceptional. I highly recommend Dr. Tim team particularly when you are new and first time buyer/seller as you can’t get any better advice. My attorney is equally amazing and worked very well with the team of Western Practice Sales to get me onboard. I sincerely thank you all!”

Dr. S

“Thank you Dr Giroux and Kellee for your guidance and assistance with the entire process. It made the transition less stressful!  You’re both very professional and appreciate your prompt replies when needed. I would definitely recommend you with my colleagues.”

Dr. R.

WPS – Responsive, professional and knowledgeable. thank you for a smooth transition.

Mike Payne, DDS, MSD

“Tim and Shannon/WPS- Your expertise, commitment, and wisdom were invaluable…and got us over several interesting “bumps in the road”. This allowed us to achieve a transition that was good for the buyer, seller, and patients. Thank you so much. Glad we chose you!

Ron Otto, DDS

Prospective Client, When you are thinking about transitioning your practice, I strongly recommend that you consider Western Practice Sales. Earlier this year I listed my practice with them, and within a week they had 22 interested buyers come through my office. I was floored! I received full asking price for my practice, and every detail of the transaction was handle promptly and professionally. The level of service was exceptional.

Jay Goble, DDS

The fact that you are a dentist adds a whole new dimension to your abilities as a broker, one which most other brokers cannot come close to” ”Your personal dedication to making everything happen was a unique touch” ”Your experience & knowledge coupled with your kind personal touch I believe makes you the best in the industry!”

Mark Tadrissi, DDS

I’ve been very pleased with your overall services. It has been a long journey, trials & errors, I learned tremendously as a business seller from all of you during this process. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all to make this a successful business transition.

Claudia Yu, DDS

I had a great experience buying a practice through Western Practice Sales. Their service level was unparalleled; they were responsive, respectful, and extremely helpful.

Hsin-Ti Chang

“We thought that Jon Noble and the staff at Western Practice Sales were very professional, and nice people as well. We loved being able to work with someone who knows the local dental environment and is quick to follow up on any questions that occur. Thanks very much.

Diane Tsuruda, DDS

Everything was exceptional, Jone Noble was really great in all aspects. Very happy with your service , definitely will utilize your service one more time and refer others to you. Best regards

Dr. Samir Alaswad

Hello All – Thank you so much for your diligence. I marked my response on your survey as definitely, very satisfied and I am already referring a friend from Brentwood for a practice sale. The agent preferred for this is Tim and they will be contacting you soon. We are having dinner on Saturday at our place to discuss logistics and pricing etc for the practice since its their first time selling. I will wait to hear from Tim for a lunch or dinner. Best and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Dr. Gurrinder Singh Atwal

“Very good folks to work with. Professional AND friendly – a rare combination in this day and age. Any questions I had were answered immediately. The transition went very smoothly thanks to them. Highly recommended”

Rodger Kampf, DDS

“Dear Mr. John, Ed Cahill, and Chris – I appreciate your dedication in accomplishing sale of my practice. I am very satisfied with your service, and definitely recommend your service to my friend or affiliate. Thank You.

Dr. Madhvi Desai

Holiday Greetings to Ed Cahill as well as everyone at WPS – Thank you so much for your efforts in the smooth transition in the sale of my dental practice. I chose your company intiailly because of its reputation of being a leader in the field of buying and selling of dental practices. Upon our first meeting, as well as in subsequent meetings, your comittment to your client was beyond my expectations. The resources that you have available to you, are, simply, not readily found elsewhere, nor is your complete understanding of the many complicated issues to be confronted by the Buyer and Seller.

Dr. Ed Avakoff

“Even though I thought I had a well laid out plan and timetable for selling my practice it was still difficult for me emotionally and professionally. However, I do not believe anyone could have managed the transition for me better than Western Practice Sales. I cannot say enough about Dr. Tim Giroux and especially the two fantastic ladies in his office. They are all very knowledgeable, very professional and very capable. There are many “bumps in the road” when one sells a practice and while they cannot all be eliminated they know how to smooth the bumps. And when it came to “holding the hand” of a worried dentist (me) they excelled at that too. There are other dental brokers out there, but in my opinion, there are none better than Tim Giroux and his team! Would I use them again if the situation warranted? Absolutely, and without hesitation! Shawn-Without getting too emotional, you have been a real sweetheart and I thank you. Tim is very fortunate to have both of you ladies. Also, thank you for the flowers; a very nice gesture. Buyer appears to be doing very well, and both the staff and the patients love her. Intellectually, I know the timing was right and I did the right thing, but new habits and routines have to be established. I wish all of you well, I couldn’t have asked for a better team! I received full asking price for my practice, and every detail of the transaction was handle promptly and professionally. The level of service was exceptional.

David J. Bull, DDS

I thank all of you at Western Practice Sales for a task well done. The entire process, from marketing through the closing of the sale of my practice, was handled in a professional and ethical manner. Challenges, when they occurred, were met with efficiency and courtesy uncommon in today’s business environment. I would recommend WPS to anyone contemplating a practice transition without qualification. Thank you. You are the best.

Glenn J. Hemanes, DDS

I am absolutely surprised at how quickly and smoothly my practice was listed, sold and closed by WPS. Jon and Shawn have been most helpful in guiding me through the whole process. Thanks ! Now I can enjoy my retirement.

Peter Kung, DDS

I am so pleased with Tim Giroux and Western Practice Sales for the outstanding manner in which our transition was handled from inception to closing! Tim was on top of every detail without getting in the way. He brought us outstanding candidates who proved to be amazing in their qualifications, personalities, commitment to going forward, and now as the new owners of our very special practice. I’ve been at this now for 44 years, and the outcome of a sale was such a serious consideration that was perfectly executed by Dr. Giroux and his superb team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tim!!

Dr. A.

“Thank you John and Chris! Today was a wonderful day for me and my family. Your help through this process was invaluable. Looking forward to the future! Below are the answers to your survey.

Dr. Joseph Ellison

Due to the complexity of our transaction, the entire process took 18 months. Ed Cahill and Chris Burton went full force to ensure the success of our Facility Sale. Despite all the ups and downs as all transactions might face, we truly enjoyed working with Western Practice Sales. We want to thank Ed and Chris for their professional expertise, their great patience and strong commitment on being our trusted Broker and backbone. Thank you for always standing by and standing up for us till the end. Now, our life can move on and be ready for the next Chapter. Thank you, Ed and Chris. We cannot say enough.

Dr. Tim Wang & Ms. Susie Kuo

“We are so impressed with our experience with WPS. Ed, John and Chris are true professionals. From our first meeting with John over 8 years ago to the close of escrow today, they were always supportive. There sincere kindness and expertise kept us going when we felt stressed. We highly recommend them and definitely will encourage others to take advantage of their high level of service and professionalism.

Dr. & Mrs. Norman Burg

It was a pleasure doing business with you and Ed. I enjoyed our talks and appreciated your patience! Super thanks (especially to YOU! CHRIS

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Aubuchon

Two years before the successful sale of my practice by Western Practice Sales I listed with a broker whose headquarters are in Sonoma county. From his “testimonials” I believed that I had selected the best. After 5 months of listing and no sale I was told that just before my lease expires (there were 2 ½ years remaining) he could sell the patient charts, as my practice was too small. Further, the fees were higher than other brokers. Had there been a practice sale I would have gladly paid the fees. But as previously noted, I was told my practice was too small to sell. I continued work for a year and a half and contacted a national broker, who coincidentally had a representative here in my hometown. After several emails with him I was again told that my practice was too small to sell and he would help me sell the charts. I was beginning to feel that my fate was to either just sell the patient charts, or else walk away when my lease expired. Enter Western Practice Sales, and Ed Cahill, with his wonderful secretary Chris. We spoke on a Friday in March. The practice was listed in June and escrow closed in September. Through this process Ed and Chris kept me informed of every step. When Ed would telephone he always asked, “Is this a good time or bad?” knowing that I may be with a patient or another awkward situation. As anyone who has run a business knows you need good help. His secretary Chris is knowledgeable of every step of the process and friendly on the phone. I cannot imagine why anyone would list with another broker. If my practice received the attention and effort of a practice that is too small to sell, they can sell anybody’s. Thank you Western Practice Sales, Ed Cahill, and Christine Burton.

Dr. & Mrs. George Cook

John, I’m very satisfied with everything and I want to thank all of you very much for all of your help and guidance through the transition process. I will definitely recommend you.

Dr. Frank Cercone

John, we would like to thank you for guiding us through the process of the sale of my practice. It seemed appropriate that since you helped us start out many years ago that you also help us finish. We have been blessed with a wonderful practice, loyal and talented staff and great patients, it is with pride and satisfaction that retirement begins and new adventures await. Our very best to you and your loved ones. Chris, we would like to thank you for your part in facilitating the sale our my practice to (buyer). Your efficient and timely communications via email or phone calls was greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Dr. & Mrs. David Hardy

Shawn – Thank you, both you and Jeff for all the good work you did in our behalf, in preparing and building up our office to potential buyers, and bringing in (buyer) to our practice. She has really made the transition easy and is interested in building and maintaining our patient base for the future. I am all on-board to refer and talk-up Western Practice Sales, with Jeff’s drawing up and seamless execution of the all-important CONTRACT! Please do not hesitate to contact me for any referrals or “kudos” in the future. Sincerely, Jim Wright, your friendly neighborhood retiring dentist; and Barbara, his wife, and grateful staff. p.s. And thank you for the lovely flowers from WPS

Dr. James Wright

Jeff Tonner was a delight to work with, and so was Mark Hughes. Both were very helpful, kind and trustworthy.

Janne Lynch, DDS

Tim, You made a complex transaction much easier. I appreciate your attention to detail, as well as your advice outside of the practice sale itself. You’re an excellent broker and consultant–and at times, therapist! This process would have been much more difficult without you, or with a less attentive broker.

Marshall Brickeen

Thank so much for your great work. It was a great pleasure working with western practice everything was exceptional and awesome. Definitely I we recommend your services to all friends. And look forward to use your services more and more in the future.

Dr. Omar Sattout

Escrow closing today! I want to email you guys to express my most sincere Thank You to all of you. The work you do change lives for the best! Thank you so much!

Carlos E Bonilla DMD. LCDR US NAVY

Thanks for all your help, and finding a great buyer for me. If I can assist WPS in any with practices in and around the Tahoe Basin, I would be happy to help.

Fritz Wenck, DDS

Got home tonight and found some beautiful flowers. You are truly a class act Tim! It has been a joy and privilege to work with you and have you in our corner! Thank you for everything!!!

Dr. B

Hi Tim, Kellee and team Western Practice Thank you so much for your help in closing this. You were all awesome. Also thanks a ton for the flowers. Makes the first day feel brighter. Thanks so much! Nav

Dr. P

Thanks very much, Jon and Shawn! I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. Chris and I spent our first day in the office together, today. He met some patients and we talked shop in more detail. We’re both excited to finally be in the actual transition phase and have all the obstacles behind us. We’re a good match and I’m going to do everything I can to help him succeed. I didn’t realize how complicated a practice sale could be. We couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you very much and Happy Holidays!

Dr. Endo


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