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DG-1006 Monterey Area

Full Price: $1,200,000.00
by / Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Patients are motivated to receive the highest quality of care as this practice uses the latest technology, advanced techniques and Fortune Management communication skills to motivate, educate and involve them to achieve their best optimal dental health. This practice is one which every dentist aspires to and we feel sets the bar for excellence!

This practice has been established for 30 years, has a large, stable, loyal patient base and a seasoned staff with strong management and marketing capabilities. Seller treats an average of 9 patients per day with multiple hygienists each averaging 7 patients per day, offering 9 days of hygiene/per week and welcomes an average of 25+ new patients per month.

This well-appointed office has won national design and technology awards for its thoughtful and thorough design for office efficiency and patient flow.

This spacious, award-winning office with its modern and sophisticated decor occupies approximately 3,400 square feet and consists of 8 OPs equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment including Pelton Crane, networked computers, TV monitors w BOSE headphones, 2 Consultation Rooms, large Reception area, large Private office, large Administrative Front Desk, Staff Lounge w Kitchen, Sterilization, Lab, Storage Closets, and Private & Public Restrooms, i-CAT, 3D Scanner, Diode Laser Units, Digital X-ray Units and E4D PlanScan Milling Unit.