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LV-610 Henderson

Full Price: $1.2M
by / Friday, 17 February 2017

This great family-oriented practice, with its stellar reputation and seasoned staff, has treated 2 generations of patients since 2001. Offering IV sedation, dental implants and a strong hygiene department, patients have come to appreciate their 6-month pre-scheduled recall program.

The Doctor averages 4+ patients w/ 8 Hygiene patients per day offering 3 ½ days of hygiene/per week and generates approximately 15-18 new patients per month.

Located in a busy and popular Retail Shopping Plaza, with vibrant businesses, local Starbucks, banks and other commercial amenities, it is the envy of all! It is at the main entryway at the heart of housing developments and estates in a highly desirable, high-growth neighborhood. This spacious office occupies approximately 2,993 square feet and consists of 8 fully equipped ops, Reception area, Doctor’s office, Business office, Sterilization, Lab, Storage and 2 Restrooms.*