HN-1277 Sierra Foothills

Full Price: $390,000
by / Friday, 04 June 2021

Established Sierra Foothills practice, 37 years with large, stable patient base and seasoned staff. Success built on reputation for patient-centric, prevention-focused, high-quality care. Solo/group setting affords shared staff, overhead and management while creating a more durable practice reputation. This remarkable opportunity awaits your talent and skill. Continue the tradition as you live and practice in an idyllic community, enjoying historic charm, culture and endless recreational opportunities.

The Doctor currently averages 15 patients/day on a compressed 3-day work week, patients and facility could readily expand into 4 -5 days. 7.5 days of Hygiene/per week. Welcomes approximately 30+ new patients per month!

The office is conveniently located in an attractive, well-maintained restored building in the scenic historic neighborhood. The office occupies approximately 3,000 square feet and consists of 7 fully equipped OPs, Reception area, Doctor’s office, Sterilization area, Staff lounge, Complete Restorative Lab, Storage, and 3 Restrooms.