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BG-1170 Walnut Creek

Full Price: $750,000
by / Wednesday, 16 September 2020

With a vibrant local economy and thriving first-class businesses, this community is committed to enhancing quality of life by protecting natural resources and achieving a balance of opportunities for its diverse residents. This quality practice prides itself on treating patients as family, serving multi-generations of families by providing the highest standard of care using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

The Doctor averages 8 patients w/ 8 Hygiene patients per day offering 4 days of Hygiene/per week and welcomes approximately 12-15+ new patients per month, based on word-of-mouth: the best kind of marketing!

The office is conveniently located in an attractive, well-known, long-established, single-story Building, well known in the community over the years.

The office occupies approximately 1,800 square feet and consists of 4 fully equipped OPs, Reception area, Doctor’s office, Business office, Sterilization, Lab, Storage, and 2 Restrooms, Digital X-ray Units, Intra-oral Camera, Cerec, Laser, 3D Imager.

Full Price: $750,000