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KG-921 Santa Maria

Full Price: $285,000.00
by / Friday, 05 October 2018

Don’t miss your opportunity to live and practice in this desirable collegiate coastal community! Santa Maria is located in the center of California’s Central Coast and is in Norther Santa Barbara County. Santa Maria is affordable by California standards. It is just minutes from the beach and mountains. It is a day trip from L.A. or Santa Barbara. Golfing, biking, hiking or kayaking – whatever your interest, the spectacular scenery simply calls to outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to near – perfect weather, Santa Maria is a great place to raise a family. It has shopping and good schools, diverse businesses and agriculture; especially strawberries. Wineries continue to be a growth industry for the Central Coast. There are over a dozen local wineries that produce some of the finest wine that compete globally. Barbecue is the star in Santa Maria, which is unlike barbecue in other regions of the country. The juicy steaks are grilled outdoors over red oak and no sauce is needed. Wineries, golfing as well as the ocean await you in Santa Maria, California.

The Doctor averages 4-6 patients w/ 8 Hygiene patients per day and generates approximately 3+ new patients per month.

Conveniently and centrally located in an attractive, well-maintained, long-established single-story, free-standing Medical/Dental Professional building in desirable neighborhood within city limits w easy highway accessibility. Office occupies approximately 930 square feet and consists of 3 fully equipped Ops, Reception area, Doctor’s Office, Business Office, Lab/Sterilization, Darkroom, Storage, and 2 Restrooms.

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Reduced Price: $285,000